Transparency: The future of hunting and shooting in New Zealand

Like me, I’m sure many of you are beginning to wonder what exactly does the future hold for firearm ownership (and the myriad of associated activities) in New Zealand.

As the government led confiscation of once legal firearms from law abiding licensed firearms owners begins, what I really want clarification from the government is, how far do they intend to take this?

The Labour Party strongly campaigned during pre-election that they would be both transparent and progressive. So, I think the general public deserve to know to what extent our current coalition government is prepared to go to.

The current government thrives on ideals and with that being the case, I would ask that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern make it absolutely clear what her ideal New Zealand looks like in terms of civilian firearm ownership.

So, the question is this: Does Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seek full disarmament of all New Zealand civilians?

It is a simple yes or no question.

Is it too much to ask that our Prime Minister publicly discloses this? Not at all. I’m only asking what her ideal is, her own opinion. Just so we all know exactly where she stands on this matter. If it's all about transparency and progressiveness, lead by example and show your constituents how transparent and progressive you are.

It's time to put it all on the table so that our hunting and shooting community can also be progressive.

Many of us have dedicated our lives to hunting and shooting. It is our passion and the physical and mental health benefits from our activities are as valid and important as any other legitimate pastime in our country.

We often share our experiences with family, friends and sometimes even strangers. It is a way of life for hundreds and thousands of decent and law-abiding kiwis.

And we under threat of losing it.

So, where does the typical hunting and shooting New Zealander fit in with your modern ideology?

Do you have a place for us?

Are we just as considered as any other kiwi?

Is the wellbeing of the New Zealand hunting and shooting community secure in your hands?

I can't imagine anyone investing their precious time, effort and money into an activity whose existence is under threat, especially if that threat is government led. I want to raise my children in the same manner as my father did with me.

A life of outdoor pursuits that involves hunting, shooting and everything good that goes with it; resilience, courage, responsibility, fitness, skill, independence, patience, respect and passion.

The question remains, will I be able to?


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