Intro Column #172: 15/03/2019

On March 15, 2019 the entire nation of New Zealand became victim to one of the most heinous acts of terrorism our country has ever faced. 50 New Zealanders were mercilessly gunned down and killed, with another 50 receiving serious and life-threatening injuries. The lives of thousands of kiwis were immediately and forever changed from this point onwards.

Like every other New Zealander on that day, I reeled in the aftermath of this terror. The sheer callousness and ferocity of the manner in which this atrocity was carried out, is indescribable.

I saw the video, well the first part of it anyway. As I watched the shooter walk up to the entrance of the mosque and open fire on those people, I went into a state of shock and had to immediately remove myself from what I was witnessing. As a hunter who has extensive knowledge of the damage a bullet can inflict on an animal, to see this happen in real time to a human, was just too much for me.It is entirely reasonable for anyone to feel an overwhelming sense of emotion during an event such as this. Everyone deserves the time to process the situation and run through the stages of shock, confusion, anger, grief and mourning. From that, we hope that reason will then prevail.

Unfortunately, in some instances, this has not been the case. Our current coalition government, the media, and a large sector of the general public has responded exactly how the terrorist foretold they would.

They have bowed down to him, they are following his script, they are proving that terrorist acts pay. 

To our current Prime Minister. I am not him. We are not him. I am a typical New Zealander. I have a family; I pay my taxes and I contribute to our society. 

I also grieve just as much as you do. In fact, I feel a stronger sense of connection to this event in the fact that the “tools” used to commit this crime are the same “tools” that have in part made me the person I am today. A law-abiding and responsible citizen of New Zealand. 


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