Intro Column #171: Mission Accomplished –

Following on from last issue’s editorial, I am pleased to report that Nathan and I secured out first deer together.

A late evening fallow hunt in the Te Puke hills came good as we reached a milestone that has been in my mind well before I even had kids.

I’m currently working on an article about Nathan’s journey into hunting and shooting, so a full breakdown of the hunt will appear in that.

What I can say though, is that it was easily one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of my entire hunting career. The culmination of our efforts over the last four years (even before he could walk, see pic above) made it something very special.

I have maintained an easy-going approach to our hunting and shooting and as mentioned previously Nathan is now the one pushing me to take him chasing fallow bucks!

This year will be his first foray into hunting during the roar and if the way we managed to harvest that fallow is any indication of what the fallow rut may bring, I’m optimistic...!

This issue is absolutely loaded with a plethora of all things guns and hunting, with just about every aspect covered to some degree. A massive shout-out has to go the NZG&H writers – their dedication and commitment to the magazine is prevalent amongst the pages. Awesome work guys!

Of note is the Sika Hunting Tips & Info series kicking off once more (any excuse to chase sika) with the third installment on page 24 of this issue. Fraser Winskill also begins a series on custom rifles and his first article discusses the “why” on building a custom rig. Craig Maylam reviews the Browning Sweet 16 semi-auto shotgun and Hayden Sturgeon offers some excellent roar hunting advice.

Lots to pour over as we lead up to the two biggest calendar events of the year!

To all those hunting over the rut and game bird season, good luck and stay safe!



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