Intro Column #167: Skin in the game...

As we wrap up our 167th issue, New Zealand Guns & Hunting magazine enters a new phase as my wife Amanda and I take over the business from Peter and Lesley at the end of June. 

Peter (Dad) and Lesley look to begin their retirement and I have somehow managed to coax the magazine from them! Both Amanda and I are looking forward to becoming the new owners of NZG&H and we assure our readers, writers and advertisers that we will continue to create an honest and reliable media platform for everyone to enjoy.

Reaching this milestone has been an extremely enjoyable and rewarding process and I feel honored to be working alongside so many excellent writers and contributors, some of whom have been providing content for the magazine much longer than I have.

Current writers such as Don MacDonald, Craig Maylam, Jeff Brown, Alastair Taylor, James Passmore, Matthew Cameron, Ross Oehms and Tony Orman have put in a tremendous effort and I want to thank them for all their hard work. I also want to thank some of our earlier contributors; Glenn Rangiuia, Jim Frost, Nils Anderson, Tom Tabor and Paul Scarlata, to name a few. There are many more hunters and shooters who have and are adding to the success of the magazine and I want to acknowledge and express gratitude towards them also. Thanks team!

As many of you will be aware, hunting, shooting and the outdoors are my absolute passion and I am truly excited about the prospects for NZG&H. Myself and my family have real skin in the game and for us, NZG&H and the opportunities it brings, are far more than just a business, it is our way of life.

This way of life is something both Amanda and I are introducing to our young children; Nathan who is nearing five years old and soon off to school, and Ruby, who is almost three and showing some real ‘determination’! They are great kids and Amanda and I are looking forward to watching their interests develop. Whether or not they become hunters and shooters like their ol’ man has yet to be determined but regardless we’ll be giving them every opportunity to experience some of what the outdoors has to offer, from there the rest is up to them.

Actually, when I think about the above, it reminds me of various occasions when people have asked would I have, or would I still, hunt and shoot if New Zealand Guns & Hunting had never existed or (worst case scenario!) ceased to exist, I answer them with this...

My passion for hunting and shooting isn’t a byproduct of my involvement with the magazine, the involvement is a byproduct of my passion for hunting and shooting.



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